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Pearline Louise Kentish
February 15 1953 ~ January 19 2003

"Precious" was the founder of the Longbay Parent-Teachers Association. The sister of Opel Kentish, and mother of Crystal Reid, Precious was an enthusiastic supporter of Haile High. She will be surely missed by all who knew her. Jah Bless Sister Precious!

Precious Kentish (left) during a happy moment as the Haile High band practices in the court yard. Tony Beedy (right) is the Director of the Joe Higgs School of Music. Tony's daughter Aneika is in the foreground. (in the background, lt. to rt.) Cleo, Buzz, Kali, Opel, and Kali Queen Sam.

Haile High's first graduating class (2002) poses midst the massive roots of the old cottontree on Queen's Drive, Montego Bay. (lt. to rt., top) Marlene McFarlane, Kaliflowa, Tarsha McFarlane, Opel, Barrington Gordon (Bottom row) Kimone Pryce, Cleo Reid, Apple Pryce. Apple and Barrington have elected to have their portraits made in profile.

"Monkey Man", Haile High's mascot clutches his Indian kutchi. Born in China, Monkey Man has traveled three times to Los Angeles, California and is a regular visitor to Doctor's Cave Beach...much to the delight of our students.

A new office for Haile High's Director of Curriculum takes shape at the Menelik Computer Lab. The classes are taught on lap-tops which are donated by the school's friends from abroad. All other materials are purchased in Jamaica. The school's operation is supported by meager, yet effective private funding. No tuition is charged. The students have the option to stay-on, sharpening their skills, while teaching new students.

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